Five Nines Networks’ Bill Management Service is a knowledge-driven, telecom bill management and review process that maximizes your savings. Our service is custom tailored for each client that wants to have a better understanding of what their telecom invoices mean, identify and correct problems within them and verify that they are receiving what they are paying for.

The benefits always come as reduced operating expenses, near single telecom vendor consolidation, reduced check writing, closing extra accounts as well as helping you to recover overpaid service charges.

Do you want to better manage your telecom assets and services? Here are a few of the reasons why our Bill Management Service is right for you:

  • Telecom management is more complex than ever before.
  • Cost of telecom ranks in most companies' top 5 expenses.
  • Telecom sales representation turnover is exceptionally high.
  • Telecom costs are greatly disbursed, rarely a single line item.
  • Growth in technology is outpacing internal ability to manage.
  • Employee changes create extra services you no longer need.

We will help you to:

  • Gain control of corporate telecom costs & identify components.
  • Maintain a single point of telecom support for the long term.
  • Provide the confidence that your telecom bill is accurate.
  • Clearly see areas for cost-savings & enhanced performance.


Five Nines can help you compare prices from several carriers for your telecom and Internet service needs.


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